FREE WEBINAR - Pitching Your Business to Change the world
A GREAT PITCH is critical to 
launching your start-up. 
Learn how EASY it can be to TELL INVESTORS about your social impact.
What You Will Learn From This Webinar
Insight #1: Better understand your Net Positive Impact
Insight #2: Tell your impact story to investors, customers & collaborators
Insight #3: Find it easy to get investors, win customers, & grow a team
More About Colin
For over 25 years I have had the good fortune to live my great passion, what I love to do and what I believe I was put here to do: help others succeed.

After having started, sold, failed, grown, and invested in businesses over the last 20+ years, I curated a freely accessible model designed to be the best way to start and operate a business called The Entrepreneur Roadmap – with the important purpose of ending unnecessary failure for entrepreneurs worldwide.
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Phone: +1 (403) 861-7866
625 14 St NW , Calgary AB, T2N 2A1
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